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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

The Internet Will Lose Its Sense Of Decorum Over Tonight’s Sherlock (SPOILERS)

After a three year break from Sherlock, with only a Victorian one shot that took place in a few seconds inside Sherlock’s head, there was naturally much anticipation for the return of the show starring Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, Amanda Abbington and Mark Gatiss
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What was up with the return of Moriarty? How about that shot in the head? How would Britain react to the return of Sherlock?

Tonight’s episode dove into all of that, throwing case after case at us, blurring us with the many details of many cases, some dismissed with a text, some that need a full blown explanation, but threads passing from on to the other that may lead to whatever Moriarty have left behind. Maybe. Oh and Borough Market. Now to be added to the Sherlock walking tours…

But for all that, the aspect that will be picked up and paraded online, especially when BBC America air the episode tonight, will be the death of Mary Watson.

That fits the pattern of the old Sherlock stories, John Watson marries, but his wife dies and he returns to lodging with Sherlock as 221B.

The decision to keep that aspect, it seems, was always the plan. But rather than an incidental detail to their lives, brushed aside with a British stiff upper mustachioed lip, this seems to be a rather motivational force to drive John Watson’s life in a different direction. That is commonly known as “fridging”, after the famous Women In Refridgerators essay by Gail Simone.

And it’s this specific aspect that, I don’t expect, will go down too well…

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