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Tuesday, November 21, 2017
Something unexpected happened near the top of the album charts this year: Pop stars were acting like artists.
With Streaming, Musicians and Fans Find Room to Experiment and Explore
Saturday, Dec 24, 2016 by Sandra 12 months ago star
That is to say, they weren’t desperately chasing the broadest possible audience with the most surefire formulas; they weren’t calculating what would fit radio formats best. Instead, some of them grew eccentric and adventurous, impulsive and experimental, instinctive and personal — at times, bordering on avant-garde. And they found that listeners were willing to pay attention.

In 2016, Billboard’s Top 200 album chart had entries in the Top 10 by Beyoncé, Kanye West, Solange, Bon Iver, Frank Ocean and Radiohead: arty, idiosyncratic, often dark statements that counted on listeners to engage with them fully. Rihanna’s “Anti,” which did have hit singles (including “Work”) to drive sales, turned out to be a brittle, even confrontational album about compulsive lust and multilevel betrayal. There were also final, uncompromising albums in the Top 10 from elders like David Bowie, Leonard Cohen and A... read more...  comments [0]
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